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Know Your Food

We are what we eat. Know what is in your food before you buy them.

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4 hours ago
10 Reasons Why Eating Processed Food Is Bad Your You

We know its hard, but try your best to avoid eating processed foods.


Chances are you’ve eaten some processed food today. Whether it was breakfast cereal, a granola bar, lunchmeat or a frozen dinner, some ... See more

1 day ago
Is Nasi Lemak Really Malaysia’s National Dish?

Malaysians and Nasi Lemak can't ever be apart.


Although versions of nasi lemak can be found across South-East Asia, Malaysia claims this beloved street food classic as its own. It’s ... See more

2 days ago
Indonesians Struggling To Quit Rice ‘Addiction’ Over Fear of Diabetes

Kicking the rice habit isn’t easy, with Indonesia’s favourite dish nasi goreng (fried rice) sold everywhere.


Indonesian Mirnawati once ate rice with every meal, but its link to diabetes convinced her to join a growing movement to quit a staple food ... See more