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We are what we eat. Know what is in your food before you buy them.

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13 hours ago
Try before Die: Top 10 Bubble/Boba Tea Types

Here's a Quali-Tea guide to knowing the many types of Bubble Tea drink!


You may have heard of bubble tea (also called boba tea) but you may not yet have tried it. Bubble tea was a traditional drink in Taiwan ... See more

1 day ago
‘Robot Restaurant’ are Invading Bengaluru

The robots are interactive, able to sing you a birthday song while sending your meals. 🤖🍛


The robots are interactive and are programmed to sing wishes for special occasions Bengaluru: ‘Robot Restaurants’ has announced the ... See more

2 days ago
Big D InvestigEATS: Royal Malaysian Army M.R.E - Merdeka Special

Taste Test: Rangsum Tempur Angkatan Tentera Malaysia / Royal Malaysian Army M.R.E.

Happy Merdeka, Malaysians!