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We are what we eat. Know what is in your food before you buy them.

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5 hours ago
Malaysia May Ban Junkfood Advertisement From Airing before 9pm

In 6 years, Malaysia will have around 1.65 million obese schoolchildren.


SELANGOR, MALAYSIa – A PANEL of academicians and nutritionists has recommended that junk food advertisements be banned during shows ... See more

22 hours ago

Give these 3 healthy milk alternatives a try if you're tired of drinking cows milk.


1 day ago
China Welcomes Three New Vietnamese Aquatic Products to Its Seafood Market

China banned 15 Vietnamese seafood companies in 2018. After adopting China's certification processes, they're good to go. ... See more

China’s General Administration of Customs has given the green light for the country to import three more species of Vietnamese aquatic ... See more